Aachar – A nostalgia

We all need flavours to our food or rather without flavours can we eat the food? Other than adding just the regular spices, we can enhance the flavour of the food by having pickles.

Fermented foods or pickles have long been a part of Indian culinary arena for as long as I can remember. No Indian meal is ever complete without having “AACHAR” or “PICKLES”. Aachar adds an extra flavour to the ever flavourful Indian cuisine.

Opening a jar of pickles is always a nostalgic moment. The aromas simply transport us back to our childhood days. The sweet, salty, tangy and sour adds another zing to our palette. Lets put it in a more simpler words, that a meal is always incomplete without the magical Aachar.

Though pickles can be made of any vegetable, the most tantalizing and the king of pickles or the ultimate is always the Mango or the Aam ka aachar. Aam ka khata meetha aachar, or the Punjabi Aam ka aachar, made in using the fragrant Mustard seed oil – ah !!! my home simply fills with the pleasent smell of sweet memories and the nostalgia of the 90’s, an era that I grew up eating aachar and paratha’s sitting with my Nana & Nani.

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-Rachna Lakhpati

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