Indian Summers & Raw Mango Pickles = Bliss 

Indian Summers & Raw Mango Pickles = Bliss , raw mango pickle

The perfect companion to the summer season meals is finally here. Raw mango is like a companion who lifts your mood just by being there with us. Breakfast with your favorite paratha and the grated raw mango pickle is what a perfect morning sounds like. Tell us a better lunch idea than a flavorful plate of dal and rice? And what about dinner? We’ve got you all covered! End your day with the exotic flavors from the Sindhi style Hidden Flavors. You can never go wrong when you have Sindh along with exotic and tantalizing flavors from Hidden Flavors on your plate. If something is missing from your plate, trust the sign because you are missing out on the appetizing touch of Hidden Flavors. 

Remember the poem we sang as children, “If you are happy and you know it, Clap your hands, clap clap clap”? Well, let us make a slight change here, I think we should now say “If you are happy and you know it, eat mango pickle, clap clap !!!” 

Hidden Flavours brings an array of mango pickles that is so delicious, with the fresh flavors from Sindh that it needs only to be topped on a meal to complete its taste. When cooked, sugar and vinegar are added to this mixture. The grated raw mangoes make this dish unique from other similar dishes because of the rich mustard oil mixed in. Every bite will bring back your happy childhood memories. 

Hidden Flavours makes it pickles with the finest quality of ingredients topped with authenticity and loads of love. Mothers put their heart and soul into making food for their children, especially when they are far. We carry the care mothers give to make homemade dishes by sending special gifts of food far away. Soldiers, pilots, frequent travelers, students going outside for further studies or work, miss their families when they are far away on duty. We deliver the mother’s love with our jar of happiness to compliment your meal. The mouthwatering traditional grated raw mango pickle is packed with all love and adoration from a mother. It is indeed bliss to have a delicious meal topped with pickles after a rough day. 

Did you want mom to cook a hearty meal for you after school? Did she tell you not to expect it when you lived on your own? We’ll bring back the good old days with Hidden Flavours. One taste of these tangy pickles is enough to make you feel happier and ready to tackle the day!  

Hidden Flavors believes in culture and traditions. Belonging to Sindhi which is one of the major provinces of Pakistan; it is a cradle of pickles out there. We want to introduce everyone to its greatness through this handmade pickle. 

You can enjoy your favorite mango pickles without sun drying them or making a mess. Just log into our website, and order your favorite batch of goodness today! 

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