My Rendezvous With Carrot Pickle

gajar achar

Carrot Pickle Recipe or Gajar Ka Achar is a quick and easy, Andhra-style pickle which you can prepare in less than 10 minutes. Made using fresh carrots, green chilies, ginger, Indian pickle spices, sugar, and tamarind. Since carrots and green chilies are available year-round, you do not need it to be the summer season to make this green chili carrot pickle. This carrot green chili pickle is crispy, and tangy, with the right balance of sweetness and acidity.

Here in America, I am not blessed with constant sunlight, so I have always found ways to make pickles instantaneously, such as this sweet mango pickle, and now I am sharing Instant Carrot Pickles. The carrot pieces are soft but crispy, they are bitey in this green chili carrot pickle) This Gajar Ka Achar has the flavor of khatta metha (meaning sweet and sour). This carrot pickle tastes warm, spicy, and slightly acidic which comes from the lemon juice. All ingredients used in making this pickle can be increased or decreased depending on your tastes.

Watch out for the amount of methi powder, adding too much may cause this carrot pickle to have a bitter taste. To get a stronger gravy in the pickle, double up on red chili powder, methi powder, and mustard powder. I used ginger in this carrot pickle, it could be replaced by garlic if you want.

After making this pickle with carrots, allow it to sit on the counter for 5 days before eating. When you want to eat the gajar ka achar, take out the quantity that you want to eat with a clean, dry spoon, then put it in a small bowl.

When eating Indian food, it is a custom to have chutneys, also known as achar, along with your food. Eating pickles in moderate amounts helps to increase the appetite, which is why I served this carrot pickle to my kids too. Not just that, lemon pickles help to enhance immunity too, suggests Dr. Divya Dhawan. According to Dr. Dhawan, eating pepper pickles may aid in weight loss, as well as ward off infections.
Fermented Indian pickles help to grow beneficial bacteria and help one fight digestive problems. Also, taking this pickle too often may cause gastric problems and weight gain due to its oil content. Mustard Oil gives a pungent, tangy taste to the pickles, making them tangier than they might have been had another oil been used. Dr. Divya Dhawan has also mentioned that eating carrot pickles helps with constipation.

  • Rachna Lakhpati

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