The Staple Ingredient – Jeera/Cumin

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Cumin, which we call “jeera” is a key ingredient in any Indian household, and is always available in the kitchens. The benefits of jeera go beyond flavor- adding this spice to dishes provides you with a drink that has benefits for your body. Letting these seeds float in water overnight creates this drink, and proves beneficial for a healthy body.

In addition to water and various spices, jeera seeds have also been used in ayurvedic medicine for many centuries. Drinking just one glass of jeera water every day can improve your overall health by alleviating stomach pain, improving hair growth, or clearing up skin.

Adding jeera/cumin to your diet significantly boosts immunity. You will also gain strength by consuming the minerals and vitamins it contains. It is also beneficial since it can fight bacteria and infection due to its anti-bacterial properties.

Jeera water is good for the liver because of its anti-inflammatory compounds. It can help to reduce pain in other parts of your body such as the abdominal or stomach area and can help relieve period cramps. Drinking jeera in warm water can be especially helpful in treating inflammation.

Jeera water is beneficial for your digestive health and improves your metabolism because it helps with digestion, bile acid production, and bowel movement. It also has detoxifying qualities.

Jeera water is a useful method for treating menstrual irregularities. Jeera water helps contract the uterus, which helps release anything trapped in it and encourages normal periods. Age also plays a part in this, but if you’re pregnant or lactating, Jeera can assist with the production of milk and all nutrients for your baby. Boil Fenugreek seeds along with cumin seeds before straining the water well to create a product that can provide hormonal balancing support and digestive benefits.

Jeera water is rich in minerals and Vitamin E, which can aid in rejuvenating your skin.

Jeera has many anti-bacterial properties that fight against bacteria that cause pimples. Free radical toxins break down skin proteins, which can lead to pimples and loose skin. Jeera water easily removes toxins in your body, as it contains heat. In excess, jeera water may lead to breakouts.

Drinking jeera water improves the health of your scalp and can promote hair growth. Draining the water into your hair can reduce the frizz that is often caused by humidity.

Drinking jeera water can help reduce the risk of heart blocks and heart attacks for people who have a high-cholesterol diet. It is natural, tastes great, has a good antioxidant effect, and is very healthful.

Drinking jeera water can control diabetes, an ailment where blood sugar levels are too high. Jeera also helps control levels of hemoglobin glycosylates, which cause a person’s blood sugar levels to be too low. After drinking jeera water after each meal, people are less likely to have their blood sugar levels go up and down erratically.

Drinking jeera water is an effective way to treat symptoms related to anemia, like fatigue, weakness, dizziness, and vertigo. Drinking it with black sesame seeds is also beneficial for patients.

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