Why Jams Should be an essential part of our diet?

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Why Jams should be an essential part of our diet? 

When we think of jams, the first thought that comes to our mind is whole fruit or cut fruits made with a blend of water and sugar. It is important to always choose a jam that utilizes fresh fruits, healthy ingredients, and proper products to ensure great health.  

These days, most of us would find a bottle of any fruit-flavored or Savoury jams at our place. When it comes to breakfast or an evening snack, the first thing that comes to our minds is Jam Toast or jam sandwich, or jam cookies; well, there are a lot of varieties. Since childhood, my favorite has always been the strawberry jam sandwich my mom used to pack for the school tiffin. It is one of the best comfort foods that are available, easy to make, and something that requires no preparation at all. 

A few days back, when my mom visited me; she made me a Fig Jam. Oh my!!! That has now become an ultimate favorite of my household. Our mornings often begin with toast and the fig jam; which gives us the much-needed kick for the day. But these jams were not created only yesterday. There is a history when it comes to jams or any condiment for that matter. 

If I dive deep into the past, jams have been made and consumed by societies throughout centuries from Ancient Greece. The jam-making methods go deeper to some of the earliest ways of preserving food, which dates back to the stone age (roughly around 2.6 million years ago). As we all know, in those early civilizations, people used to preserve and store food to make survival easier when food was scarce. Preservation using honey or sugar was one of the most common methods, and because these contain no moisture, honey and sugar help preserve any food encased within it.  

Although the art of preserving food started during the stone age, the first marmalade was believed to be made in 1561 by the physician to the queen of Scots. Crushed oranges and sugar were used as a remedy to cure the Queen’s seasickness.  

Now why should jams be an essential part of our diet; the answer is simple. Jams help to regulate our blood sugar levels and provide energy during stress and workouts. Jams also help to reduce the potential risk of any cardiovascular diseases. Since a lot of fruits go into making a jam, these fruity jams help to reduce the chance of developing any cancer and help to lower our blood pressure.  

Making jams at home is one of the best things to do. Home-made jams give you complete control over the ingredients used. One can mix and create flavors as per their liking. Usage of the best produce, and the best part is, Jams are healthy. Jams are considered one of the healthiest condiments as they do not contribute to the cholesterol and fat content of the body. Jams help to maintain a healthy weight but only if one follows the recommended serving sizes. Jams are considered to be rich in sugar and are also an excellent source of energy and fiber.  

I am convinced that jams should be essential in our lives, are you? Do get in touch with us to know more on our website www.hiddenflavours.in.  

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