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Gujarat has fascinating places for grabbing a variety of delicacies! 

The Indian state of Gujarat has an infinite assortment of delicious pickles. Mango pickles are some of the most popular varieties and are often called Gor Keri although they’re made with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

A mouthwatering pickle will have your taste buds tingling in seconds. Hidden Flavours’ Gor keri pickle will have you hooked with the sweet and mildly spicy flavors.

The Gor Keri Recipe is a traditional Gujarati Sweet Raw Mango Pickle that is spicy, yummy and has the addition of cloves and black peppercorns to deliver bold flavor and deliciousness required to create a nourishing dish.

Searching for a delicious pickle that takes minutes rather than hours? The sweet, sour Gor Keri is an authentic Indian pickle prepared from raw mangoes, sugar, and spices. It goes well with various types of flatbreads or just plain roti.

Gor keri is two written words in Gujurati – gor means jaggery and keri means raw mangoes. 

The two traditional forms to make Gor Keri and Chundo involve mixing the mangoes with sugar or jaggery and letting them sit in the sun for seven to fourteen days. 

The fruit used for preparing this pickle is large with a small seed, green in color, and are mainly used because of their juicy taste. Rajapuri mangoes offer the best flavor with a mild sour taste. 

Mango pickle has some of the sweet, spicy, and sour flavors; traditionally, it is made by marinating mangoes in turmeric and saltwater for a few days. With pickles by Hidden Flavours, all you have to do is choose your spice level and log on to our website and place your order, it’s as simple as it is. 

People who stay in high-rise buildings are forced to re-create a sense of nature’s food through cooking. The pickle is one such food in which the flavor cannot be quite as fresh, but pickles prepared on the stovetop retain lasting flavor, as long as they’re stored in a dry climate. Make sure not to use wet spoons while scooping out these pickles from jars during your mash-making process. 

Gor Keri and Chundu are the two staple pickles in any Gujarati household. 

Traditionally the Gor Keri pickles take days for a perfect flavor.  

Pickle is a food addition popular in India and many other parts of the world. 

Pickles, which are also an integral part of Indian cuisine and can be eaten as an appetizer on rice or papadam, have been found by nutritionists to be able to protect the tummy microbiome. 

Being a Sindhi we love to relish a couple of types of Mango pickles with Khichdi and Indian bread. 

Hidden Flavours delivers your favorite Indian products straight to your doorstep. Offering a variety of spices, pickles, and more in Gujarat, Cochin, and Calcutta, with free shipping, you can revel in ethnic cuisine all over the country. 

Ancient Gujrat is worth exploring with this amazing recipe. A combination of succulent mangoes, jaggery, and carefully selected spices. Do visit our website to place your order for these delicious pickles, as well as lots more.

– Rachna Lakhpati

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