Masala Chai – A Global Favourite

Why do Indians love Masala Chai? Masala chai has gained popularity in India, but it has found its way all around the world. Originating in India with a strong association with Indian culture, it is now the most common type of tea in the world. 

Consequently, Masala chai’s various blends and forms are deeply representative of different aspects of India, making it a cultural heritage. Hidden Flavours has Indian origins and stays true to them by offering several masala chai blends for those who love it or would like to try something new.

Masala chai, a blend of spices and tea, is the two key features of this style. Given the Indians’ love for both spices and tea, it is unsurprising that masala chai is so common. Even if you are not familiar with Indian culture or have not been to India, you will have heard about their love for tea heated with a blend of spices.

Masala Chai is the ultimate favorite of most Indians around the globe. Indian tea time traditionally revolves around conversations and bonding over a cup of steaming hot chai. The tea is usually served with biscuits, roasted groundnuts, and sugar crystals which are best enjoyed when the sip goes back into the mouth and leaves a nice coating around the tongue. 

While the Masala chai is enjoyed in all seasons, on the arrival of the monsoon season; it is a reminder that summer is over, and it offers much need relief in the form of pleasant rain after scorching heat. The subtle chills and cool winds make the temperature so much more bearable. 

Temptations of a masala tea and snack might mean frying up samosas with pakoras. However, nothing beats the warmth of a hot cup of tea and you can’t beat the aroma as it fills up your nostrils when you take that first bite. The joy nearby that cup is just amazing in the evening on those Indian summer evenings. 

I would like to quote “For many people, the smell of spices brewing for a cup of tea is like a warm and fuzzy memory of early morning’s memories with their mothers and grandmothers”. 

Picking the right chai masala can be tricky, and a great selection at Hidden Flavours always clears up that confusion. However, if you find yourself in need of guidance with some intimidating options, all is not lost. Log on to and use their tea and snacks pair recommendations, which have been curated through testing different combinations by professionals with decades of experience in the taste and flavor market. 

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– Rachna Lakhpati

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